Modern Spirit of Dubai

It was destiny that brought the two Sergeis together in Dubai. Sergei Yatsenko, the artist and Sergei Vassiliev, a doctor by profession, an artist in his spare time. This creative union led to the birth of a series of canvases devoted to modern Dubai. The architectural and poetical sides of today's Dubai are skillfully depicted with a maximum of attention to detail. Each of the portrayed buildings has its unique image, which contributes to the creation of Dubai's modern spirit. This spirit is highlighted by thousands of neon lights, which make the city's beauty all the more visible during night time, contrasting it with soft fairy-tale-like oriental skies.

Sergei Vassiliev    

The name of the exhibition 'Modern Spirit of Dubai' was prompted by the city itself, which can be compared to a living body, with its buildings, streams of cars on busy highways, the sea of lights and its energy. This magnificence of images inspired the artists to created paintings devoted to modern Dubai.

    Sergei Yatsenko

Mr. Yatsenko, having devoted a considerable span of his life to architecture, appreciates the magnificent beauty of modern Dubai. Splendid architectural ensembles of this cosmopolitan city stun you with their beauty. You can find harmony between the old and new, oriental classic and modern western architecture. The artist believes that Dubai is the place where oriental fairy-tales and today's science fiction meet.

Dr. Vassiliev's motivation and vision of art are based on the belief, that art is therapy and can actually enhance healing processes. His clinic doubles as gallery and there, many pictures of his personal collection of more than 100 paintings, including antique pieces, are on regular display.

Sergei Yatsenko is an artist and designer, graduated from the Kharkov Arts-Industrial College. His canvases can be found in private collections in Australia, Great Britian, Germany, Greece, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine. He is also a well-known portraitist and the Ruling Families of Abu Dhabi and Ajman collect his works. He has lived and worked in the UAE for the last 5 years.

Besides exhibiting in their home country, both artists have held several exhibitions in the UAE:

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, 1999 - Le Meridien Dubai, 2001 - Jewellery & Watch Show Sharjah Expo Center, 2001 Emirates Towers, 2001 - Jumeirah Beach Hotel during DSS 2001 - Jumeirah Plaza, 2001 - Oasis Beach Hotel, 2002.

Creations can also be seen at a permanent exhibition in the "Casa Mia" Restaurant at the Le Meridien Hotel Dubai.

Contact information:

Dr. Sergei Vassiliev
Tel: 050-624 67 38
E-mail: [email protected]